I believe that prayer changes things. Not in that beating the bible against the newly upholstered pulpit way (though I’m sure that works for some), but in that, do it in every moment way.

Lately I’ve taken to saying a moment of prayer before most things. There’s a lot of decisions being made in my life right now and as more and more information is revealed to me, I find prayer helps sort out the mess.

Yesterday I was reading about Orunmila, the Ifa orisa who is the witness of fate. He who knows the likelihood of all events. It is unwise to make a decision about, pretty much anything without consulting him first.

I find that in my waking life, I am able to move through my intuition like water, and I am better for it. There is much to change in my moments and days to come but, I am happy, grateful and absolutely inspired. I believe in the beauty of my life, and am working through every moment of angst with grace and love.

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