#30Daysto30…We are almost there!

OMG. I know I’ve said each one of these photos are my favorite but seriously. These are my favorite! Joslyn Ford-Keel is one of the greatest singers in this city. Once, while walking downtown with a friend, I heard this voice soar over into the sky, over our heads and immediately into our hearts. We both looked at each other and tumbled into Appaloosa Grill with the quickness.

Joslyn was scatting for her life and singing the most beautiful bluesy jazz notes you’ll ever hear. We made a huge scene clapping and yelling like the rowdy music lovers we are and she just grinned and smiled with happiness. I couldn’t believe that voice was coming out of a human and not a machine.

When she showed up to the Focus 4 Design studios, she actually sang her way through these pics and every one in the studio was blown away. Beautiful spirit, voice and person of melody.

Thank you, Joslyn for making my 30th year sound so damn good :)

Photos by Focus 4 Design. Check out their campaign development, photography and video production here.

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